Welcome to Ellipsis 2.0

2 min readApr 12, 2022


The team at Ellipsis is pleased to announce that Ellipsis 2.0 is now live!

Starting from this moment users can lock their EPX tokens on Ellipsis and vote for next week’s EPX emissions*. Users that lock their EPX tokens before midnight UTC on the 14th of April will immediately start earning platform fees from last week. These fees will be streamed over the next seven days.

(*Note that “weeks” on Ellipsis 2.0 run from 00:00:00, Thursdays, UTC.)

What is Ellipsis 2.0?

Version 2.0 (announced here) introduces various updates to the tokenomics, bringing Ellipsis more in line with Curve’s veToken mechanics. Users that lock the Ellipsis protocol token for up to one year will be able to:

  • vote on pool incentives
  • receive boosted yields as an LP
  • receive platform fees
  • vote on eligibility of pools to receive incentives

What does this mean?

EPS holders who still have not migrated to EPX can still do so following the steps on the migration page.

EPS lockers can now head to the migration page and register their locks to receive their 4x bonus locking weight.

Liquidity Providers who are still staked in Ellipsis 1.0 should head over to the migration page to manage their positions. With the introduction of vlEPX liquidity providers receive boosted EPX rewards for locking their EPX.

Get Started

Users can start interacting with Ellipsis 2.0 here. To learn more about locking and voting on Ellipsis 2.0, we recommend reading our documentation and joining the Ellipsis Telegram.