Update for EPS lockers to EPX in Ellipsis 2.0

1 min readMar 28, 2022

Previously it was announced that EPS lockers would be able to claim their locked EPS as EPX on April 2nd, after which point the EPX would be locked in their wallets until Ellipsis 2.0 launches.

This process is being changed.

The migration will now respect the users’ lock times. Once Ellipsis 2.0 is live, users with EPS locks in the old protocol will be able to register these locks within the new protocol. After the locks expire, they will be able to withdraw the EPS and migrate it to EPX.

Registered EPS locks will receive a 4x bonus on their vote weight. For example, if Alice has 100 EPS tokens locked and she registers her lock which is due to expire 4 weeks after the protocol launch:

Amount of EPX: 100 * 88 = 8,800 EPX
Normal vlEPX weight: 8800 * 4 = 35,200 vlEPX
Bonus vlEPX weight: 140,800 vlEPX

What do you need to do?

EPS lockers with current lock times > 0

Register your locks when the protocol launches. You will only have to do this once.

EPS lockers with expired locks

Expired locks are not eligible. You should withdraw the EPS and migrate to EPX at your convenience.