Introducing is an exchange for stable coins on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It allows for stable coins swap with very low slippage and minimal fees.


Curve Finance will provide support to the Ellipsis team. We have committed to Curve core values of which are :

a. no deposit or withdrawal fees,

b. no lock ups on liquidity, and

c. extremely efficient stable coin swaps.


Trading Fees

Reward Pool and Staking Pool

The staking pool receives trading fees as well as the EPS tax from people exiting the reward pool early for those who chose to lock for a period of three months. The staking pool has mandatory no lock-up.

LP Rewards

5% — Month 1
4% — Month 2
3% — Month 3
18% — Rest of Year One (2% a month)
12.5% — Year 2
6.25% — Year 3
3.125% —Year 4
3.125% — Year 5

veCRV Holders

Tokenomics of the EPS token

  1. 25% veCRV — Airdropped weekly over a year
  2. 55% LP Rewards
  3. 20% team — vested for one year


Useful Links

More details to come…