Ellipsis Introduces Factory Pools

2 min readFeb 8, 2022

Ellipsis.finance is pleased to announce the launch of factory StableSwap pools.

What are factory pools?

The factory enables the creation of permissionless pools; anyone can now deploy a pool for their stable or algo coin as well as BNB or tokenized forms of Bitcoin in a few clicks.

The factory can create the following StableSwap pool types:

  • Metapools that leverage the Ellipsis 3EPS or btcEPS base pools.
  • Standalone pools that can contain between 2–4 assets.
  • Native BNB pools to allow trading between native BNB and synthetic BNB tokens.

Pool creators must seed the pools with the initial liquidity; $500,000 initial liquidity is recommended.

Teams that are interested in creating a pool can read the documentation; for any further questions get in touch with Ellipsis through our Telegram channel.

Using factory pools

Factory pools, being permissionless, can be created by anyone or any team. Please be sure to understand the assets in a factory pool if you are going to provide liquidity or trade in the pool. Ellipsis is not responsible for any of the assets in the factory pools.

Users must do their own research when trading in factory pools. Ellipsis has no control over the tokens added in the factory which means users must verify the token addresses they trade in the pools.

Ellipsis pool pages list the contract addresses underneath the main user interface, for example the tokens and LP address for the 3EPS pool are as follows:

Factory pools on the UI

Users can identify factory pools on the pool page by looking for the factory chiclet on the pools page of the website:


Factory pools will not be receiving EPS rewards at this time. Teams can, however, provide their own rewards; interested parties can get in touch with Ellipsis through our Telegram channel and we can assist in setting this up.