Ellipsis.finance Launches the Most Efficient Crypto Swaps on BNB Chain

Swapping on Ellipsis

Swapping on Ellipsis is streamlined, simple, and reliable. Simply:

  • Go to https://ellipsis.finance/swap
  • Select the asset in your wallet to be swapped
  • Select the asset you wish to receive
  • Confirm the transaction in your wallet

Listing your token

Ellipsis Finance makes the process for listing on the protocol streamlined for users. New token pairs can be listed on Ellipsis by filling out a listing form available in the website’s menu, and then providing initial liquidity to the pool. Get in touch with Ellipsis via the official Telegram channel for support and to provide token logos, if desired.

EPX incentives for your pool

Any new pool can utilize EPX incentives to help incentivize liquidity, and teams can also provide their own tokens as an incentive.



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