Ellipsis Audit Report by Hacken


As part of our efforts to improve transparency, the Ellipsis team has secured a first audit with Hacken.

As this report highlighted the admin of the rewards contract could potentially direct the EPS rewards to themselves, we have put the admin into a multisig with the following people: Michael (Curve Finance Founder), Ben (Curve Finance CTO), banteg (Yearn lead dev), Alex (Ellipsis co-founder), James (Ellipsis co-founder).

You can read details about the multisig here: https://docs.ellipsis.finance/dev/admin-multisig

This step means the issue reported has been mitigated. Ellipsis contracts are not upgradeable as we chose to adhere to Curve’s highest standards of blockchain development and decentralization. This means the Ellipsis team never has access to any of users’ funds.

You can find the full audit below:


We thank the Hacken team for auditing Ellipsis.